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Process SafetyAt John D. Jones Engineering Inc., we recognize the importance of safe design and operations. Safety is also important to our clients. We develop Risk Management Plans and Process Safety Management Plans which emphasize safe design, operation, and maintenance of process facilities. These plans share several common elements and are often produced and maintained simultaneously.

Our inspection services help our clients recognize potential safety concerns. We help our clients perform safety audits and process hazard analyses. We provide assistance for incident investigations. We have provided expert testimony for explosions, fires, and toxic gas releases. We recognize the importance of documentation and planning to insure the safety of a facility.

Start-Up Services

John D. Jones Engineering, Inc. provides start-up services for projects that we have designed and engineered. Our start-up services are integrated with operating procedure development and operator training. We don’t start the process unit. We train and coach the operators to start the unit. We will also coordinate or participate in the pre-startup safety review process. We will develop checklists and reports as necessary for document compliance with OSHA Process Safety Management requirements.

Permits & ComplianceFire Safety

John D. Jones Engineering, Inc. offers engineering services for Air Quality Permits, SPCC Plans, Fire Prevention Permits, Zoning and Special Use Permits, Building Permits, Risk Management Plans, and Process Safety Management.

We prepare Air Quality Permit applications for Title V and Non-Title V Sources. We provide full emissions estimating calculations for criteria and hazardous air pollutants. We perform air quality impact modeling services when required. We also prepare annual emissions inventory reports. We coordinate inspections and performance testing. We will also assist in the response to any Notices of Violation.

We prepare Fire Prevention Plans in accordance with the International Fire Code, Uniform Fire Code, and NFPA Standards. We work closely with the local fire authority to document the hazards present, and to demonstrate the design and operating elements which mitigate these hazards. We have been successfully fostering positive cooperation between our clients and their local fire authority for over 18 years.

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