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Facilities PlanningA successful process plant requires more than an excellent process design. The plot plan needs to be efficiently laid out. The receiving and loading facilities need to be specified and designed. The process units need to be sited to provide the best use of space and allow for maintenance and operability. Tankage and dry storage for raw materials and products needs to be optimized. Geotechnical subsurface preparation, grading and drainage, traffic flow, containment, paving, and utilities all must be specified and coordinated.

John D. Jones Engineering, Inc. has significant experience in layout and design of grass roots process plant facilities. We assemble and coordinate complete design packages which include geotechnical , civil, structural, and electrical engineering. We also coordinate architectural services for building design. We work closely with our clients to develop a plant layout that works for them while achieving the process objectives and complying with all codes and standards.

Facilities Planning Facilities Planning
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