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John D. Jones Engineering, Inc. has designed several grassroots transmix processing facilities. Transmix Process Units use distillation to separate pipeline interface mixtures of gasoline, diesel fuel, and other petroleum components. Our Transmix Process Units are specifically designed for our clients’ requirements. We design based on a range of expected transmix mixtures considering seasonal market changes to the pipeline product specifications. We design process units which are optimized to produce products that meet the desired market specifications.

Our Transmix Process Units are constructed with new, purpose-built equipment specifically designed for the client’s facility. We design fixed foundation and semi-skidded process units which optimize space, but maintain a high standard of maintenance and operability. Our process units can be fully constructed onsite or modules can be fabricated offsite and assembled onsite. The principal value of modular, offsite construction is that fabrication can begin while environmental and special use permits are still being processed.

John D. Jones Engineering


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